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As a local Australian business, Assertiv has decades of experience in helping large enterprises and government agencies make sense of managing their staff and customer accounts. Over the years we have learned a lot about the best security practices as well as how to streamline business processes related to "identity".

We recognised that small and medium businesses face similar security risks to enterprises when it comes to identity. However, information security typically comes with an eyewatering price tag. With cyber criminals themselves backed by highly financed operations, the battle to defend yourself is rarely a fair fight.

Assertiv was designed with Small and Medium Businesses in mind. Book a demonstration with us to see how Assertiv changes the game for smaller businesses.

How can we help?
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With a cybercrime being reported every 10 minutes by Australian businesses, the risk of bank accounts, emails, or proprietary intellectual property being held hostage has the potential to destroy a small or medium sized business.

With this knowledge, Assertiv decided to build a Swiss army knife of identity security tools which are specifically built to help small and medium sized businesses. We have spoken to (and continue to listen to) different business types and understand how they operate. It’s important that our tool complements the way you do business.

Assertiv aims to improve your businesses security practices whilst also streamlining business process to give the outcome of better security and improved efficiency. An investment in Assertiv will modernise and strengthen your business, all without an eye-watering price tag.

Make 2022 the year you fortify your business, before it's too late.

What we do
Assertiv SSO Help

Assertiv's toolset is extensive, here are some of the features we offer:

  • A single platform for you and your staff to access all of your business applications
  • Reduce the amount of usernames and passwords needed to log into different applications.
  • Automatic enable/disable of accounts when staff join or leave your organisation.
  • Stronger login process, using modern multi-factor login and passwordless login
  • Encrypted password management to reduce the risk of account hacks.
  • Assign access to systems to staff based on job roles for streamlined access management.
  • Assertiv is always adding new features which you get at no additional cost (see more)

Why use Assertiv?

Assertiv the specialists in Identity Security and Authentication solutions. Our Australian-made feature rich platform solves real business challenges whilst avoiding overly complex learning curves.

When you use Assertiv, you have access to many benefits:

  • An expert team of Identity and Authentication specialists. Our focus is to strengthen the security of your business whilst making life easier for your staff.
  • No computer servers required. Connect to our cloud hosted solution to use Assertiv immediately.
  • Ongoing support and enhancements of our solution. As a cloud product, we handle all maintenance.
  • Ongoing testing of our solution improves confidence of a secure solution.
  • Ability to grow with your business, we can cater for as many users as you need.
  • There is a long list of included features you get at no additional cost.

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For a secure, simple way of managing access to your company’s digital tools, while preventing security breaches.